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BioKill-160 - Recover Clothing & Furnishings Damage

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Part Number:BK-160
  • Contents Remediation
  • Large Mylar Bag to Treat and Store Contaminated Contents
  • Removes Mold, Mildew, Bacteria, Virus, Toxic Vapors, Tobacco Odor
  • Kills Pathogens and Insects, Including Bedbugs
  • Portable
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Automatic Timer


2.5 inch Quick Connect hoses

BioKill professional products remove malodors, surface mold, pathogens and pests and must be operated while the treatment premises are temporarily unoccupied for several hours.   They are critical equipment used widely by professional businesses performing disaster recovery services.

Mold removal includes cleaning of moldy personal effects.  Mold-ridden dwellings often require partial demolition of interior walls, followed by mold spore eradication in the structure, then a rebuild phase.  During this period personal property contents such as clothing, furniture, books jewelry, and collectables must be segregated, cleaned, and temporarily stored.

The BioKill® 160 is ideal for such contents remediation, since it cleans the possessions on site and avoids the need to remove them to an offsite location out of the owner's control.  Connected by tubes to a large mylar bag, the BioKill®-160 can clean any contents placed into the restoration bag.

Because it is so powerful, BioKill®160 will also destroy insects and other pests present in the contents, including bedbugs.  Bedbug infestations in the Northeast U.S. have now spread swiftly to other states, particularly Florida.Model-160 is guaranteed to kill Bedbugs, their eggs, plus dust mites, fleas, ticks, spiders, mold, bacteria, viruses and odors when used in conjunction with its compatible contents purification bag.

Using this equipment you don't have to dispose of your contaminated valuable property, simply purify it instead, saving money that increases the value of anextermination service billing.
Model-160 is configured with positive cam-lock hose fittings to make job setup and execution simple and sure.  Each unit comes with two 10 feet hoses of two inch diameter, fitted with aluminum and polypropylene cam-locks that connect the BioKill to the contents purification bag.  Two 6 mil polypropylene bags large enough to accept a king size mattress are included with each BioKill®160;  All living matter inside the sealed bag is destroyed by the operating BioKill within 10 minutes.  Then the bags may be temporarily sealed with included caps and the BioKill unit relocated to a different job if needed.  When the purified mattress and other belongings are removed after about an hour, they may be used immediately.

BioKill®160 is guaranteed to kill insects, including bedbugs and their eggs, when used properly in conjunction with its treatment accessories.