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E-300 Air Cleaner - Formaldehyde Removal

E-300 Air Cleaner - Formaldehyde Removal

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Part Number:E-300
  • Formaldehyde Removal
  • Also Kills Airborne GERMS
  • Destroys with Germicidal Sterlization
  • Removes Other Lethal VOC's
  • Uses EC-181F Cartridges


Remote Control Operation


Three Speeds


Multi-hour timer for Auto-sleep


Designer Styling

Eraldehyde model E-300 is a superior air cleaner designed to remove formaldehyde from large rooms on a User prepared timed schedule.  It safely cleans the air in rooms while they are occupied.  It is also ideal for use in bedrooms of ill patients and children exposed to bacterial and viral infection because it kills airborne germs using germicidal sterilization on the air flowing through the unit. 

A floor standing, designer-styled, three-speed portable unit, it works quietly to exchange room air over 3 times per hour in a large (338 sq. ft.) room. Its dimensions are 13 inches wide, 8.5" deep, and 24" high. 

The E300 captures, retains, and destroys carcinogenic formaldehyde and infectious germs suspended in breathable air. The unit uses a multi-stage process to purify your air.  Large dust particles are removed by a coarse, cleanable pre-filter.

Dual Eraldehyde cartridges then capture and decompose formaldehyde fumes suspended in the room air.  They will also remove other lethal VOC's including benzene and phenol that are listed by the EPA together with carcinogenic formaldehyde as being "Most Dangerous".

The unit also has two selectable infection control features to assure germ destruction: (1) a "Sterilization" push button that activates germicidal UVC radiation of the enclosed airflow to sterilize smaller microbes, and (2) an "Ionization" push button that activates production of high concentration aero-anions at 10 million pcs/cm3 to reduce spread of the smallest viruses.  

The unit includes a hand-held remote controller for ease of operation across the room or without leaving a bed.

A selectable multi-hour timer feature also lets the user set the Auto-sleep feature for your convenience. 

The E-300 uses dual EC-181F cartridges which will last 6 to 9 months depending on your usage.