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E-80F Tabletop Air Cleaner - Formaldehyde

E-80F Tabletop Air Cleaner - Formaldehyde

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  • Looks like normal air cleaner to others
  • Removes carcinogenic formaldehyde from room air while you are present
  • Eliminates the Formaldehyde Danger from Defective Laminate Floors
  • Removes formaldehyde caused by new cabinets, carpets, drapes, hair salons, medical labs
  • Use in RVs, trailers with your own 50 watt power inverter
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Three speeds for quiet operation


Carcinogen eradicator
Eraldehyde removes formaldehyde gas contamination coming from household furnishings, construction materials, and occupational exposure. It removes the carcinogenic vapors and chemically converts them into harmless storage within the cartridge. (See product performance chart.) Formaldehyde is a toxic organic compound with a pungent, irritating odor. Highly toxic to all animals, it is a known human carcinogen used for post mortem embalming and to preserve biological specimen. During 2009 the Center for Disease Control sponsored an evaluation run by NASA to assess the effectiveness and safety of 16 different devices to reduce indoor concentrations of formaldehyde. The Eraldehyde they tested was the most efficient in percentage reduction of formaldehyde vapors and did not generate other toxic contaminants. Eraldehyde was proven safe, and proven to be more effective than all the other technologies and devices tested. (The full CDC-NASA report (12.3 mb) may be downloaded from the CDC website http://www.cdc.gov/nceh/ehhe/trailerstudy/assessment.htm#final.)  Eraldehyde E-80 is a table top unit with improved formaldehyde removal technology. It operates using the EC-181F eradication cartridge.  It works quickly and exchanges room air over 3 times per hour in a small (85 sq ft) room and once per hour in a large (300 sq ft) room, so it only needs to be run a few minutes per day per room. A cartridge can last several months, depending upon how frequently and how long you run it. The Eraldehyde-80F unit comes with a washable dust filter to protect the EC-181F cartridge from heavy dust in the air.  All of the EC-181 cartridge family fit the E-80 unit so it can be used with a EC-181F, EC-181A, or EC-181FA replacement cartridge.
5 Stars
Five Stars
This unit is small and quiet. Well worth the money.
Reviewed by:  from . on 6/21/2016
4 Stars
Four Stars
I can't measure its effectiveness but my breathing is better and the air feels better after use
Reviewed by:  from . on 1/27/2016