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E180-AQ - Formaldehyde Management Set

E180-AQ - Formaldehyde Management Set

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  • Looks like a normal air cleaner in the Salon
  • Removes formaldehyde and other VOC fumes.
  • Shipped with formaldehyde meter and test gas generator included.
  • Comes with EC-181F cartridges installed. Safe to operate while you are present.
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Three speeds for quiet operation


Carcinogen remover

You are purchasing consumable items that remove formaldehyde contamination vapors from the air being breathed in your beauty salon. Formaldehyde is a toxic organic compound with a pungent, irritating odor.  Highly toxic to all animals, it is a known human carcinogen used for post mortem embalming that is often present in hair and nail beauty salons.  Eraldehyde technology removes these toxic vapors and chemically converts them into harmless storage inside the cartridge for later disposal.  Eraldehyde-180-AQ is a formaldehyde management set to help you track and keep high Air Quality for your customers and employees.  It includes the floor standing, portable Eraldehyde-180 plus a portable meter to periodically check your formaldehyde concentration to verify that used Eraldehyde cartridges are still working strongly. Eraldehyde-180 works quickly and exchanges room air over 3 times per hour in a midsize (180 sq ft) room and once per hour in a large (540 sq ft) room, so it only needs to be run when you can smell or measure the vapors present.  The 2 EC-181 cartridges in the Eraldehyde-180 can last several months, depending upon how frequently and how long the E-180 is run. The Eraldehyde E180-AQ set includes a battery powered portable meter that measures salon room formaldehyde level plus a novel electric plug-in unit (the Formaldehyde Generator) that you can use to temporarily generate low levels of test formaldehyde in a small bathroom to verify that your Eraldehyde cartridges are still powerful.  Written instructions explain how to use this simple but valuable set to assure the quality of the air that you and your customers are breathing.