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PA-200 Air Cleaner - Removes Multiple Contaminants

PA-200 Air Cleaner - Removes Multiple Contaminants

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  • Looks like a normal air cleaner to others
  • Removes lethal pollution that causes respiratory disease and autism.
  • Removes the toxic pollutants nitrogen dioxide and sulfur dioxide that enter your home and workplace.
  • Removes ozone, formaldehyde and lethal smog particulates.
  • Comes with PAC-201 cartridge installed. Safe to operate while you are present.
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Three speeds for quiet operation


Carcinogen remover
The PureAir-200 is for cleaning air that has several hazardous respiratory contaminants in it.  This powerful little unit removes nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, ozone, and formaldehyde fumes from the polluted room air in your home or workplace. Nitrogen dioxide, the principal air pollutant in smog, enters the room each time a door, window, or vent is opened. Chinese cities and volcano regions also have sulfur dioxide pollution. PA-200 removes these toxic fumes and carcinogenic formaldehyde vapors by chemically trapping and eradicating them safely from the air you are breathing. Also effective at removing bad ground level ozone entering the home, it will remove several volatile organic compounds. PA-200 is a table top unit designed to run periodically for 10 minutes per day to remove pollutants entering your home or workplace from bad outside air. In challenge tests it removed over 2,000 micrograms per cubic meter of nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, and ozone in an instrumented test chamber in just a few minutes (See product performance chart). PA-200 also removes ultra-fine particulate matter, another deadly smog contaminant entering your home. A recently completed 12 year Harvard study of 1,767 children concluded that pregnant mothers exposed to air pollution are twice as likely to give birth to an autistic child ! The PAC-201 cartridge physically traps and removes smog particulate down to 1.0 micron in diameter. You can amplify it to remove 99.7% of ALL ultrafine particles smaller than 2.5 microns by switching on the unit’s built-in ionizer. PA-200 is a table top unit designed for small rooms. At 2,900 cubic feet of air flow per hour it will change the air 3 times per hour in a 120 square foot room, and it is easily moved between rooms including larger rooms. The unit's PAC-201 eradication cartridge can last several months or longer depending upon frequency of use and pollution levels. Spent cartridges are discarded as routine, non-toxic waste.