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CleanAir Room Oxidizer

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Part Number:RO-100
  • Powerful Cordless 12 volt Vaporizer, Auto Timed
  • Ionized Ultra Low Volume (ULV) - Fine Cold Sanitizing Mist
  • Remain Outside the Room
  • Safety Personal Protective Gear Included


Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor


Walk-Away Auto-Sanitation


Use 3% or 12% Hydrogen Peroxide


Technology Is Used to Sanitize Aircraft Interiors between Flights

Feature 5

Room Usable In An Hour+

The homes of Americans who have hunkered down during the pandemic “stink to high heaven”. Odors built up from pandemic cooking, house-bound pets, living room workouts, and trash buildup have attached to furniture fabrics and carpets. Odor cover-up air fresheners and candle smoke added extra odor layers to the embedded litter box smells. Scent-neutralizing sprays only temporarily dull the olfactory nerves.

One of the best ways to remove the buildup of contaminant compounds is with hydrogen peroxide vapor. An ultrafine cold vapor mist physically destroys molecules by oxidation on contact leaving no measurable residue.

Our Room Oxidizer is for serious removal of contaminant deposits, whether malodors or the universe of other non-biological molecules clinging to room surfaces. It uses strong, Ionized Hydrogen Peroxide vapor. The package comes with a powerful cordless 12 volt lithium ion rechargeable vaporizer that fills the room with sanitizing Hydrogen Peroxide vapor in 10 minutes and shuts off automatically. No need for anyone to be in the room during cleaning. The fully charged vaporizer will operate for a dozen more auto-shutoff cycles before recharging. It generates Ultra Low Volume (ULV) droplets, a fine cold mist of 50 micron sized aerosol particles that are electrostatically charged positive as they leave the vaporizer. The charged vapor particles are attracted to negative contaminants, achieving a 360° coverage to aggressively oxidize molecular deposits in the treated room. The electrostatic charge can be switched on or off before operation.

The auto-vaporizer has a maximum vapor distance of 11 feet, with an adjustable flow rate of 200–220 milliliters per minute. It also has a charging indicator display and an LED colored illumination projected to view the vapor cloud during setup. An adjustable knob controls atomization particle size.

The package includes four 16 ounce bottles of 12% hydrogen peroxide solution. The owner can decide to use the enclosed 12% (or 3% concentration which is commonly available at CVS and Walgreen). Although you can remain outside the room during auto-treatment, safety protective gear (goggles, gloves, and a breathing respirator) are also included in case you need to enter the room early. The sanitizing vapor dissolves into pure oxygen and moisture in an hour plus. The protective respirator is a NIOSH-approved, 3M half-facepiece, medium size with model 6006 multi-gas vapor protective cartridges installed.

This powerful oxidizer must be used in rooms that have been evacuated of people, pets, and plants. Ionized Vapor Technology is used by airlines to sanitize commercial aircraft interiors between flights.

The U.S. EPA has also listed hydrogen peroxide vapor as “expected to inactivate several Emerging Viral Pathogens”, including Monkeypox. However, our Room Oxidizer is for control of non-biological contaminants in the residence and workplace and is NOT a registered pesticide.