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Disinfectant Solutions Package

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  • EPA Registered Pesticides Kill Emerging Viral Pathogens
  • Kills 99.9% of Virus, Bacteria, Fungus
  • Approved for Spray or Vapor Application
  • Long Shelf Life for Survival Storage


For Use with RO-200 Electrostatic Vaporizer


Contains Three EPA Registered Pesticides


Each Kills COVID-19 Virus and Flu Virus


Clean Infectious Particles from Bedrooms

A compact package of bottled EPA-registered liquid disinfectant solutions which have been approved for use by vapor or spray application.Homeowners can use these solutions in the Room Sanitizer RO-200 to disinfect their residence or workplace rooms from sudden contamination by virus, bacterial, or fungal pathogens.

According to published CDC information Monkeypox and Covid-19 can linger on many common household items. In one study of two scrupulously clean infected patients, researchers found virus on 70% of high contact areas 20 days after symptoms began.

Approved disinfection of inanimate surfaces (not on humans) by anti-microbial disinfectants is regulated by the EPA.All three disinfectants are approved by the EPA to kill COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 plus variants).In fact, these three EPA-registered anti-microbial pesticides will kill 99.9% of household surface bacteria, viruses, and fungus.The EPA Pesticide Registrations of the three List-N disinfectants are 1839-83-70627, 61178-2-93443, and 87508-3.

The package includes sealed plastic bottles, four of which are pre-filled with a total 64 fluid ounces of ready-to-use germ killing disinfectant liquids. Four more bottles will hold a total 64 oz of liquid disinfectant activated by mixing the enclosed dry powder pack with water when needed.All are good for use now or stored for a long term unexpected emergency since the powdered disinfectant has a 10 year shelf life. Included in the package is an additional total 32 oz of 12% hydrogen peroxide liquid solution (not an EPA pesticide).

All four solutions can be used with the Room Sanitizer vaporizer. To disinfect a room pour a pesticide solution into the charged vaporizer tank and vapor flood the room in minutes to disinfect it.The electrostatic attractive vapors are lethal to viruses, and irritable to humans so avoid skin contact or breathing the vapors. Follow instructions on each pesticide solution about the need for personal protective gear to handle the solutions or to enter the treatment room itself during cleaning.

Each of these solutions can be purchased in larger volumes on Amazon.This DS125 Product instead offers smaller volumes of several disinfectants, chosen for their vapor application compatibility, stored in sealed bottles for use now or in a future emergency.

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