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E-180 Air Cleaner - Formaldehyde Removal

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Part Number:E-180
  • Ideal for beauty salons and nail salon
  • Removes other VOCs listed by EPA
  • Optional Ionizer Switch


Eliminates the Formaldehyde Danger from Defective Laminate Floors


Safe to Run While Room Occupied


Harmless to Plants or People


Removes formaldehyde from mid-size rooms

Feature 5

Comes with EC-181F cartridges installed

Eraldehyde removes formaldehyde and ammonia vapors from the air being breathed in larger rooms. It removes these toxic vapors and chemically converts them into harmless storage within the cartridge. (See performance chart.) Formaldehyde is a toxic organic compound with a pungent, irritating odor. Highly toxic to all animals, it is a known human carcinogen used for post mortem embalming and in certain hair straightening processes. Formaldehyde and ammonia are present at toxic levels in many beauty and nail salons wheret hey are given off by hair coloring chemicals. Eraldehyde-180 is a floor standing, portable device with safe, formaldehyde and ammonia removal technology. It operates using any of the three EC-181 cartridges - F for formaldehyde, A for Ammonia, and FA if both contaminants are present. Eraldehyde works quickly and exchanges room air over 3 times per hour in a midsize (180 sq ft) room and once per hour in a large (540 sq ft) room, so it only needs to be run when you can smell the vapors present. The 2 EC-181 cartridges in the E-180 can last for months, depending upon how frequently and how long the E-180 is run. The Eraldehyde-180 comes with a washable dust filter to protect the EC-181 cartridges from clogging by heavy dust in the air.

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