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Exhaust Odor Eliminator - Stops Atmosphere Pollution

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Part Number:EOD-200
  • Purifies and Exports All Room Air to Outside:
  • Aggressive Oxidizer Never Enters Room
  • Safe to Operate While Room Occupied
  • Fresh Air Inlet Keeps Cultivation Room Breathing


Fresh Incoming Air & Clean Exhaust Port to Outside


Uses High Output Long-life Lamps Inside


Purifies Outgoing Air with No Airflow Restriction


Push Button Start-Auto Off - 2 hr to 12 hr

Feature 5

Includes Connection Duct, Clamps, Wall Ports

EOD-200 Exhaust Odor Destroyer - A Breathing Greenhouse Without Odor Pollution

Recreational cannabis grow rooms, outfitted with 24-hour LED grow lights, are common in U.S. cities where marijuana farming is legal. Cannabis is a strongly aromatic plant that develops Terpene odors to attract pollinators and prevent predators through odor. Cannabis emits these intense terpene odors at virtually all stages of growth. Cultivation facilities generate an amplified source of these odors during the growth phase, drying process, and trimming process stage.

Greenhouses are designed to breathe, so Terpene odors passing to outside air create problems for growers and for surrounding communities if they are perceived to contribute to pollution, neighbors’ health problems, and property value impact. Neighbors are therefore more concerned about the odors being exhausted than odors within the building. The result is that municipalities do shut down grow facilities that have an ineffective exhaust odor control system in place.

Oxidation systems are ideal for controlling this odor emission. One of the most effective odor management solutions is to export all grow room air through a high energy oxidizer that molecularly destroys terpene compounds before they are exhausted to outside air. The aggressive oxidizing agents are restricted to operate only within the machine interior and not allowed to enter the building envelope where they might damage the plants or workers.

The EOD-200 Exhaust Odor Destroyer works that way. It vacuums all the smelly room air through its powerful, self-contained oxidizing field of freshly generated, short life, hydroxyl radicals and clean ozone molecules. These oxidizers molecularly destroy all the smelly odor molecules passing through the interior dismantling field. The ozone is clean because the unit works with moist or dry input air so no nitrogen compounds are created. Incoming air does not need to be dried.

The hydroxyl radicals and most clean ozone are consumed quickly inside the machine and do not generate new contaminants as they oxidize existing ones. Unconsumed oxidizers flow out with purified air and turn into pure oxygen within minutes of contacting outside air, without creating odors or pollution outside. New, fresh air is drawn in through an opposite wall outside port to keep the greenhouse breathing.

Since the oxidizers are physically contained within the machine, none enter the grow room, making the Exhaust Odor Destroyer safe to operate while plants, humans, and pets are in the cultivation room.

The EOD-200 product is delivered with 8 feet of flexible, aluminum-lined, 4 inch diameter ducting with clamps, and two wall mount connection ports to close off outside weather air when needed. This purifier can be a key tool in your cannabis odor control system.