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Property Damage - BioKill-200

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  • BioKill-200:Cloud of Radicals Technology Kills Airborne and Surface Pathogens
  • Powerful Clean Ozone Generator
  • Removes Virus, Bacteria, Mold, Mildew, Toxic Vapors, Smoke Odor
  • Operates Automatically in an Unoccupied Treatment Area
  • Field Rugged
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De-odor and Disinfect Rooms and Vehicles


Automatic Timer


Smoke Damage


Fire Damage

Feature 5

Real Estate Property Restoration

BioKill®professional products remove pathogens, mold, malodors and pests and must be operated while the treatment premises are temporarily unoccupied.They are critical equipment used widely by professional businesses performing pathogen disinfection and disaster recovery services.

BioKill®200 provides extra power to remove airborne and surface contamination. High power decontaminating technology is packed into this powerful commercial equipment, making it ideally suited for decontamination of pathogens, mold, odors, chemical vapors, and spores. It uses three technologies: Oxygen free-radicals, Hydroxyl free-radicals, and Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation.

Unlike spark-gap ozone generators that must have dried feed air, BioKill® creates oxygen free-radicals (“clean ozone”) from dry or damp air of any type inside the closed treatment area. (The spark-gap method creates unwanted toxic nitric oxide unless the air fed to it is carefully pre-dried. Also, their spark-jump plates must be continuously removed and cleaned.) BioKill® 200 is self-contained, requires no air drying, no plate cleaning, and creates no toxic side effect chemicals. It actually benefits from moisture in the treatment area air to help create its powerful internal hydroxyl free-radical disinfecting cloud. BioKill®200 is rated at 10,000 mg/hour clean ozone output, which raises the concentration of a cubic meter test chamber to over 100 parts per million in under 3 minutes! That concentration is enough to disinfect any virus on an inanimate hard surface or object in the treatment area. The clean ozone reaches around corners and into crevices to kill viruses, unlike line-of-sight technologies or chemical sprays. Dense, clean ozone is highly effective itself in killing drug resistant bacteria. Gaseous ozone has been discovered to be highly effective in killing the hard to treat, drug-resistant, MRSA (Methicillin-resistantStaphylococcus aureus) pathogen. Isolates of that bacterium that are immune to conventional antibiotics, are dangerous, and are often lethal to medical patients.

BioKill® also “suspends and eradicates”, using the high concentration clean ozone to dislodge surface microorganisms on treatment room surfaces, that are genetically programmed to shirk from the free-radical. They become suspended in the room air and are sucked into the device with the flowing air and molecularly destroyed by the powerful cloud of super-redox free-radicals and UVC radiation inside. These highly reactive chemical species aggressively pull electrons out of the long chain carbon molecules comprising the pathogens, literally disassembling their organic matter. Once started, the dismantling process cascades, eventually eradicating all the contaminants fragments, reverting their matter back into the natural elements from which they were composed, primarily carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, and oxygen.

BioKill® 200 is durable with a contaminant-resistant powder-coated, extruded aluminum case. Interior components are shock-mount fitted, protecting them from rough field handling. BioKill®’s air flow is driven by an industrial impeller, not a low cost fan. The control panel has an LED push button power timer, selectable up to an automatic 12 hour unattended run time with auto shut-off. It operates on 120 VAC, 60 hz with a 10 amp fuse. A job-hours LCD meter tracks job time costs. The unit is 26” X 9.5” X 8”, weighing 32 lbs. Its lift handle makes it easy to move around on four neoprene feet to avoid marring treatment surfaces.

Surface virus, bacteria, fungus, mold, mildew, and their odors are huge problems for safe living conditions. This product eliminates those problems instantly, producing miracle results, over and over.