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Room Disinfect Emergency Pack

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Part Number:EMER-100
  • Uses Three EPA Registered Pesticides
  • Set up and Walk Away Disinfection
  • Room Usable In Hours
  • Long Shelf Life for Emergency Storage


Cordless Lithium Rechargeable Vaporizer


Electrostatic Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Technology


Registered Pesticides Kill Emerging Viral Pathogens


Delivered with Personal Protective Gear

EMER-100 Room Disinfect Emergency Pack

A compact recovery package for homeowners to immediately disinfect their residence or workplace rooms that have been accidentally contaminated with viral or bacterial pathogens. According to published CDC information Monkeypox and Covid-19 can linger on many common household items. In one study of two scrupulously clean infected patients researchers found virus on 70% of high contact areas 20 days after symptoms began.

EMER-100 uses EPA registered pesticides delivered by proven electrostatic, wrap-around, spray-fog technology to disinfect room air and surfaces. Auto-timed, walk-away cleaning. Leave the room during treatment - protective gear optional. Quick setup. Simple. A wife, mother, teenager or grandparent can use it in minutes.

This storable package for a future emergency includes a cordless electrostatic vaporizer with rechargeable Lithium battery. The fully charged vaporizer will operate for a dozen automatic, 10 minute runs before recharging. New timed runs start every time the trigger is pulled. Battery level is displayed. ULV (Ultra Low Volume) vapor type is selectable (either micron size electrostatic spray-mist or uncharged cold fog). Vapor cloud strength is adjustable and visible by LED illumination during application. Package includes a recharger for the DC Lithium battery using any common 120 AC wall outlet.

Seven 32 oz capped plastic bottles are included. Four bottles are prefilled with ready-to-use germ killing disinfectant solutions (two blue, two green). The liquid disinfectants can be used immediately and also have shelf lives of years. Sealed packages of a third dry powder disinfectant with 10 year shelf life are in the three white bottles. These can be activated later if needed by simply adding tap water. To disinfect a room simply pour any disinfectant solution into the plastic dispensing bottle screwed on the charged vaporizer. Place the loaded vaporizer atop its plastic storage case on a table or floor, pull the trigger and leave. The vaporizer will flood the room and turn off in 10 minutes. If you want to run another cycle later pull the trigger again and leave.

Although you can remain outside the room, safety protective gear (goggles, gloves, and a NIOSH-approved breathing respirator) are also included in case you need to reenter the room early.

These three antimicrobial disinfectants each kill 99.9% of household bacteria and viruses plus mold and mildew when used with the vaporizer. All three kill COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 plus variants) and will probably be registered eventually to kill Monkeypox since both pathogens are Tier-1 enveloped viruses. The EPA Pesticide Registrations of the three List-N disinfectants are 1839-83-70627, 61178-2-93443, and 87508-3. They are bleach-free, lethal to viruses, and irritable to humans. Avoid skin contact or breathing the vapors. Disinfectant replacements, if needed, can be purchased retail.

EMER-100 is for owner walk-away disinfection of viral pathogens, a valuable safety package needed for virus threat protection. It makes a nice gift for the future safety of families, loved ones, and people living in high risk areas where professional remediation services may be unaffordable or simply unavailable.