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Room Sanitizer - Also Use With Disinfectant Solutions Package

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Part Number:RO-200
  • Destroys Emerging Viruses
  • Fast Room Sanitation, Auto-off in 4 Minutes
  • Remain Outside the Room
  • EPA approved Disinfectants and Hydrogen Peroxide


Wrap Around Electrostatic Technology


Ionized Ultra Low Volume (ULV) Sanitizing Mist


Powerful Cordless Vaporizer, Auto Timed


Circulating Fan, Rechargeable

Room Sanitizer is for quick removal of biological contaminants and odor compounds clinging to room surfaces using special vaporized hydrogen peroxide and EPA-approved disinfectants. Odors and germs build up from house-bound living, pets, visitors, trash and attach to furniture, fabrics, and carpets. Germ particles from flu and colds are everywhere. Cover-up air fresheners and candle smoke add extra odor layers to the embedded litter box smells.  Scent-neutralizing sprays only temporarily dull the olfactory nerves and do nothing for the germs.

One of the best ways to remove the buildup is with hydrogen peroxide vapor. Room Sanitizer produces an ultrafine vapor mist that physically destroys organic molecules by oxidation, leaving no detectable residue. A room can be cleaned and ready for use in 10 minutes. The package includes a battery powered automatic vaporizer and circulating fan, vapor cleaning solutions and nitrile gloves for liquid handling.  It is simple to set up and cleans in minutes, running automatically without a human present in the room, without need for protective clothing or risk of breathing vapors. It is Walk-Away Room Cleaning for odor and germ removal.

Room Sanitizer uses proven electrostatic, wrap-around, spray-fog technology. Its powerful cordless 12 volt lithium ion rechargeable vaporizer converts liquid placed in its screw-on tank into ionized hydrogen peroxide or disinfectant mist. The Ionized Vapor Technology is used by airlines to sanitize commercial aircraft interiors between flights. This powerful cleaner must be used in rooms that have been first evacuated of people, pets, and plants. 

The package comes with hydrogen peroxide solution, both mild 3% concentration and stronger 12% concentration. The U.S. EPA lists hydrogen peroxide vapor as “expected to inactivate several Emerging Viral Pathogens, including Monkey Pox.”  However, the use of hydrogen peroxide in Room Sanitizer is only approved for odor and toxic chemical removal because hydrogen peroxide is NOT yet a registered pesticide. Room Sanitizer also works with EPA-approved pesticide solutions registered to disinfect 99.9% of all surface fungus, bacteria, and viruses. According to published CDC information Monkeypox and Covid-19 debris can linger on many common household items. In one study of two scrupulously clean infected patients, researchers found virus on 70% of high contact areas 20 days after symptoms began.

We recommend three excellent pesticide solutions that are on the EPA List-N of disinfectants that kill COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 plus variants) and will probably be eventually registered to kill Monkeypox since both pathogens are Tier-1 enveloped viruses. Under EPA rules you must purchase the registered solutions separately. Trial containers of these EPA approved disinfectants are available at https://www.cleanairgear.com/Disinfectant-Solutions-Package_p_37.html.  Larger volumes of each can be purchased at retail stores or Amazon. These disinfectants are safe to use, lethal to viruses, and irritable to humans so, as with hydrogen peroxide, avoid skin contact or breathing the vapors.

Room Sanitizer will quickly clean a normal size bedroom in 4 minutes. The cordless electrostatic vaporizer with built-in rechargeable Lithium battery is designed to run automatically for four (4) minutes standing alone before automatically shutting itself off. The fully charged vaporizer will operate for at least 15 cycles before recharging. New timed runs begin each time the trigger is pulled. The unit projects a vapor cloud using 8 fluid ounces per minute, so it can vaporize the full 32 fluid ounce tank in four (4) minutes. If you only fill the tank half full (16 ounces) it will vaporize that solution into the room in 2 minutes and run dry for 2 more minutes before shutting off automatically.

To clean a room pour cleaning solution into the screw-on tank. We recommend quick 2 minute cleaning cycles, after filling the tank only half full. Place the charged vaporizer and charged rear fan atop the product case on a table or floor near the room entrance. Turn on the fan, pull the vaporizer trigger and leave the closed room. The vaporizer will flood the room and turn itself off automatically. Vapors will have done their job and settled in the cleaned room in under 10 minutes. For a larger room move the setup further into the room and run another cleaning cycle.

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